Why Your Computer Tablet Is Better Than You Thought

Recent developments in the world of technology have seen various devices become commonplace and the two most common of these are undoubtedly the Smartphone and the computer Tablet. Found in the hands and pockets of people across the world, these devices are capable of completing a number of functions but are they better than you thought?

Smartphone supremacy

According to recent estimates, by 2013 there will be more Smartphones in the world than PCs. On top of the 1.82 billion people who are expected to own these devices and additional 82 million are expected to have computer Tablets.

The supremacy of these devices has been prompted by their ability to perform various functions: not only are they able to connect to the internet but documents can sometimes be composed through them. One of the most common problems associated with this was the inability to print, with no ports or connections available between the devices and the printer – or at least this was the case until recently.

App market and printing

Now, thanks to HP, wireless printing has found its way to these devices – making the app market another area of keen development in the world of consumer electronics. Catering to a variety of printing needs, these apps print everything from photographs to websites.

The HP app market has expanded to cover numerous avenues in the world of digital media and demonstrates how the future of technology lies in devices we can carry in our hands. Smartphones and Tablets are only expected to grow in popularity and this means the app market is a key area for businesses to focus on.

Best HP printing apps

For those interested in testing the services of printing apps, HP offers a vast selection. Their classic iPhoto app is perhaps the most well-known but is matched in terms of quality and effectiveness by their Smart Web Printing app. Details these apps are as follows:

iPrint: allowing easy printing from your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, this handy app is a great way to print pictures on the go. Available to download for free, the app enables 10x15cm photos to be printed with ease, ensuring you are able to capture that perfect moment and transfer it to paper with ease.

Smart Web Printing: printing is enabled from singular or multiple websites using a simple plug-in. Cropping functions enable you to only print relevant areas, reducing the amount of paper and ink used so that you have to replace your paper supplies and ink cartridges less often.

About the Author: Frank James is a retired consumer electronics salesman from London. He regularly reviews computing technology for consumers, including Smartphone and Tables. He offers advice on which printers are the most effective and efficient in terms of their ink cartridges and print quality.

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