Merits and Importance of Using Magento Enterprise Design

In today’s world of e-commerce, everything available online. One can buy and sell, teach and learn and basically do everything online. It is a sort of matching market that brings together consumers and sellers together on one big platform. With e-commerce playing such an important role in one’s life, it becomes very important for one’s webpage to be designed perfectly so as to let the consumer know the exact specifications of the purpose of the site and also the product being offered. Thankfully, one has a lot of options to consider if one has to pick design software for one’s website.

Magento enterprise design-built website in a cafe

One of the most popular products in the design market is the Magento enterprise design. Magento is basically an open source platform for e-commerce and provides various ways to engage the customers, help the customer navigate with ease and also help the owner keep a track of conversion rates and website hits among a lot of other things and this is what makes it one of the most sought out design software available in the market. It offers you multiple features and comes with a lot of advantages as follows:

  1. There is almost no investment: Magento Enterprise Design is free of cost because it is open-source software. Open source basically means a lot of developers have come together and developed this software and the biggest advantage that this offers is that all the developers are available at all times to solve any queries that one might have

  2. Ease of browsing: One of the biggest stand out features of Magento is that it gives a smooth browsing experience to its users by offering the user the option to view multiple images, zoom over the pictures, reviews about the products amongst other features

  3. Better management of orders: One of the most important requirements of customers is that they should be able to handle all of their orders efficiently. Magento offers exactly this by allowing customers to review their previous orders, print and view invoices, get feeds of new orders and ensure email notifications for all activity

  4. Customization: The best part of Magento Enterprise Design is that it creates customized offers and discounts for the customers based on their shopping pattern hence adding a personalized feel to the customer’s shopping experience

  5. Multiple payment options: Magento integrates the website with various payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon, Braintree, Pay Direct, to name a few and in addition offers payment via credit and debit cards. It also stored credit card information to enable offline payments and also offers customer store credit


Beyond these features, Magento Enterprise Design also offers shipping services by having tie-ups with delivery services so as to ensure door to door delivery for the customer and also offers shipping, free of cost. From the owner’s point of view, it allows one to manage multiple stores from one administration panel hence allowing space for the trader/owner to grow his business with ease. And not to forget, it also integrates the website with social networking hence making social shopping possible!

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