Detailed Price List

Here are the detailed and complete price list of all the services we offer. You can also select multiple service requests on a single domain from this list.

Theme Design$49.95 [wp_cart:Theme Design:price:49.95:end]

Logo Design$39.95 [wp_cart:Logo Design:price:39.95:end]

125×125 banner design$14.95 [wp_cart:Banner Design – Size 1:price:14.95:end]

468×60, 729×90, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280 banner design$19.95 [wp_cart:Basic Design – Size 2:price:19.95:end]

Other, larger sized banner design$24.95 [wp_cart:Banner Design – Size 3:price:24.95:end]

Website and blog creation$49.95 [wp_cart:Web Creation:price:49.95:end]

Article writing – short article (200 words)$6.95 [wp_cart:Article writing:price:6.95:end]

Article writing – long article (400 words)$9.95 [wp_cart:Article writing:price:9.95:end]

Product Review (400 words)$14.95 [wp_cart:Product Review:price:14.95:end]

Press Release (400 words)$19.95 [wp_cart:Press release:price:19.95:end]

Ebook (400 words/page)$12.95 [wp_cart:Ebook (page):price:12.95:end]

Sales letter (500 words)$29.95 [wp_cart:Sales letter:price:29.95:end]

Directory submission (to 2000 web directories)$99.95 [wp_cart:Directory submission:price:99.95:end]

Social bookmarking submission (to 150 social bookmarking sites)$39.95 [wp_cart:Social bookmarking:price:39.95:end]

Article directory submission (to 500 article directories)$79.95 [wp_cart:Article submission:price:79.95:end]

RSS feed submission (to 100 feed directories)$19.95 [wp_cart:Feed submission:price:19.95:end]

Press release submission (to 75 press release sites)$24.95 [wp_cart:Press release submission:price:24.95:end]

Blog directory submission (to 100 blog directories)$19.95 [wp_cart:Blog submission:price:19.95:end]

package 1Package #1: Ready made website or blog package – Custom design, CMS building, 10 unique articles, custom logo, 3 ad banner set (125×125, 468×60 and 160×600)$249.95 [wp_cart:Web building package:price:249.95:end]

package 1Package #2: Everything: Ready-made website or blog package PLUS all available SEO, SEM, link building services$499.95 [wp_cart:Everything:price:499.95:end]