Who we are

Chalcedony Design is founded in July 2006 and re-established in June 2009, flexing our services target market from local to global market benefiting from the Internet medium. We based our entire operation online, making us nimble in responding to your requests and adapting to changes.

We offer website design, blog design and graphic design, specialising in creating WordPress themes, as well as building blogs and websites for you, including the promotion, SEO (search engine optimisation) and link building services.

About the name

‘Chalcedony (Chalced’ony)‘ came from the Bible in Revelation 21:19, as one of the precious stones in the foundation of the New Jerusalem. The name of this stone is derived from Chalcedon, where it is said to have been first discovered. In modern mineralogy this is the name of an agate-like quartz of a bluish colour.