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Content is king. Good quality content will not only increase the credibility of your site, but also increase the likability of your site, in the eyes of the people and the search engines visiting yours.

What govern a good quality content? Firstly, it has to provide value. Secondly, it has to contain a certain set of keywords and keyword density so that not only site visitors, but also search engines fall in love with your site.

Not all types of content bear the same importance in the eyes of human and search engine bots. In copywriting, for example, the human audience is far more important than the search engine bots. You need to address this and adapt your writing strategy accordingly – We are here to help you tackle the human vs. search engine bots issues.

Why you should order from us

We have written hundreds of articles for our clients, including some ebooks and sales letters. Our team of writers know how to approach each type of content. We assign article jobs to the article writing specialists, and copywriting jobs to our copywriters – All in all, we have the right skill set for the right job.

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Article writing – long article (400 words)$9.95 [wp_cart:Article writing – 400 words:price:9.95:end]

Product Review (400 words)$14.95 [wp_cart:Product Review:price:14.95:end]

Press Release (400 words)$19.95 [wp_cart:Press release:price:19.95:end]

Ebook (400 words/page)$12.95 [wp_cart:Ebook (page):price:12.95:end]

Sales letter (500 words)$29.95 [wp_cart:Sales letter:price:29.95:end]

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