Logo and Banner Design

We offer you high quality logo design and banner design in an affordable price tag.

Your logo will be vector-based, so it can go well in either small-scale or large-scale printing. As of the banner design, you can have yours static or animated.

Why you should order from us

We design logos for our very own websites, and we have succeed, as well as failed in branding our websites with the right logo. All we can say is this: Your logo is your identity, and you will stick to the image it portray about your business for quite a long time – So, design carefully.

As of banners, experts have proven (and we also have proved) that attractive banners, especially the animated ones, attract 40% more click-through than the static, dull, ones. We offer both static and animated banners, for you to decide which one is the right one for your situation.

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Logo Design$39.95 [wp_cart:Logo Design:price:39.95:end]

125×125 banner design$14.95 [wp_cart:Banner Design – Size 1:price:14.95:end]

468×60, 729×90, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280 banner design$19.95 [wp_cart:Basic Design – Size 2:price:19.95:end]

Other, larger sized banner design$24.95 [wp_cart:Banner Design – Size 3:price:24.95:end]

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