Our job is to make your life easier.

We can help you choose your domain name (even your business name!) We can also help you choose the right website design. In fact, we can help you manage and maintain your entire site. It is our endeavor to make your life easier.

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Woman in blueWelcome to Chalcedony Design. What we offer you is pretty simple: Our experience.

We are scouring the Net long enough to understand that not all designs are created equal.

What is your design's purpose? Online, you would want to showcase your products and services well; You would want to present yourself or your business well; You would want to win customers; You would want to make money online.

Bottom line: You want your website design to deliver.

Fancy and flashy websites are not necessarily deliver more and better than those with simple and effective design. In fact, we learn from our experience that simple-designed websites often perform better than those with sophisticated design. All in all, we would like to find the right balance between aesthetically-pleasing design and productive design.

Our aim is to offer you website and graphic design that works - Something that gives you the best value for your money. It's pointless paying thousands of dollar for something that won't give you considerable return on your investment.

And yes, we also understand bootstrapping well, as we are web business investors ourselves; We want the best for less - Well, who doesn't?

With that being said, instead of developing something from scratch, we will help you choose the ready-made templates available on the web, customize them to your needs, and make them one of a kind.


"I contracted Ivan for a custom theme and am very happy with the attention to detail, the overall design is amazing. He had it all done within 24 hours...great value, great customer service. If you don't hire him, your competition will and you'll be left in the dust...

Great job Ivan, I highly appreciate your work."

- Felix A, Catering Miami

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How to Choose the Right Color for Your Website

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Simple and Practical Techniques that Can Help You Improve Your Creative Designs

Simple and Practical Techniques that Can Help You Improve Your Creative Designs

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There is no simple roadmap that can lead the way to inspiration. The road leading towards your next successful creative design is always a bumpy one and will sometimes end in frustration and other times in success. While there is no simple “recipe” that can help you improve your designs, there are simple methods that […]

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