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We offer a lucrative opportunity for you to sponsor our future releases of free WordPress theme.

Your website URL will be added as one of only three theme sponsorship spots available on each WordPress theme. Your sponsored theme will be submitted to up to 100 theme directories, to ensure maximum exposure to your websites (What is the benefit of sponsoring a theme?)

The following are theme sponsorship opportunities we have on offer:

We will post theme sponsorship offers on regular basis, mainly on DigitalPoint Forums (please see above.) However, if you would like to reserve a spot in our future releases, please fill-out the following form. We will inform you as soon as we are about to release the theme to look for sponsors.

We thank you in advance for your interest.

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The benefits of sponsoring a WordPress theme

  • By sponsoring a theme, you made the theme free, which means more people will be attracted to download and use the theme – This will lead to more exposure to your website links.
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