How to Choose the Right Color for Your Website

Your website is almost ready to go live, congratulations! But before you hit the live button you really need to step back and take a look at your color. That is correct, the color of your website can mean the difference between you getting the type of traffic that you are looking for versus not getting any traffic at all. You might have picked that color because you think it looks good or because it is your favorite color but in order for your website to work, the color has to be just perfect.


According to an article, color is seen by our eyes and interpreted in our brains in a region known as the hypothalamus. What happens next is our thyroid glands will send signals and release hormones which will alter our emotions and mood which affect our behavior. This might all sound unimportant when all you want to do is build a website but remember this, if it relates to people than it is important to you because it is people that will be seeing your website. To get the biggest impact in your website you need to be skillful in your color selection in order to make the biggest impact on your customers/visitors. The idea is to engage your visitors in your content, services or products.

Color selection

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