Three Deadly Mistakes in Website Design

If you own a website, the last thing you want is the visitors to leave your website as soon as they land there simply because of poor website design. There are a number of factors that need to be considered while designing a websites. All your content is useless if it not presented in a nice way. As a blog owner, it is your responsibility to keep the visitors on your blog for as long as possible. This can be achieved by making a good selection of background, providing proper navigation and using the correct size fonts. This post provides detailed information the three deadly mistakes in website design that every webmaster must avoid.

Using Obscure fonts

One of the common website design mistake is the use of obscure font. This creates problems for the visitors and thus they can get irritated and compelled to move to other blogs. Using weird fonts make it hard for the people to read the text on your website. When we talk about the proper font, the font size is as important as the type of font. You should check different fonts with the particular theme and chose the one that provides the best readability. Another problem associated with using weird fonts is that it might be possible some users might not be having the font installed in their system. As a result, when they will open your website, they will see the content in a different font. A simple solution of this problem is using common font types or setting default options in case the primary font is not available on the system of the user. Some of the common fonts are Times New Roman, Verdana and Arial. If you use these fonts on your website, there are less chances of poor readability.

Poor Navigation

One of the key aspects of good website design is proper navigation. You cannot make any compromise with this aspect as it is related to the functionality of your website. Suppose the user lands up on your website for a query and then he wants to read posts on similar topics. In case, you do not have proper navigation on your website, he will have a hard time finding the information on your website. In a situation where thousands of websites are competing in every niche, it is quite obvious that the person will leave your blog and go to another website. If you do not want this to happen to your blog, you should take proper steps to improve the navigation on your websites. Good navigation involves making proper categories and verifying the links present on the sidebar, footer and in between the posts. You should remove broken links if any from your website. There are plugins for this purpose as well that can get it done in few minutes. 

Dark background and cluttered space

Having a website cluttered with posts, advertisements and other options reduces the interest of the users. If you analyze the most successful websites on internet today, you will find that most of them use a light background with a simple and clean interface.

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