Redesigning a Website from Scratch and Redirecting Your Customers

How common is your website when you objectively compare it to others in the same niche? How captivating are the colors and graphics? Is this the kind of website that makes you want to return? It is hard to tell when it comes to your own website, but asking for honest opinions can seriously disappoint you. This is when you have to consider a whole web redesign process and rethink the entire branding and marketing campaigns in order to increase the traffic volume. It makes no difference how small your business is or how insignificant your blog is. Instead, the design of your website is by far the most important way to make a good first impression. 

Colors And Appearance 

First of all, make sure that the colors are not too screaming. Try to stay away from a phosphorescent green, a light yellow, a bright green and other similar ideas. At the same time, avoid overwhelming it with hard loading graphics and sliders. They do not just load very slow and slow down your visitors’ computers, but they can also distract them. When graphics take over the whole website, the content gets on a second place. Since content sells, this is what you have to focus on. 

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Going Professional 

If you plan to launch a complete and professional business that asks for a lot of money, it might be a wiser idea to hire an expert in personalized web design. However, if you want to take care of everything on your own and you got the knowledge to do it, feel free to rely on predefined elements, plugins and scripts too. For example, if you run a WordPress blog, you will find thousands of templates and plugins to choose from. Many of them are available for free too. However, do not expect to find the design of a lifetime for free, especially if it can easily stand up in the crowd. 

What Do You Actually Need? 

You are supposed to pick the appropriate template and design, but also to properly identify your business necessities. It is extremely important to provide your brand with a good aspect that can entice potential customers’ eyes. A few helpful tips and advice in this venture may always open a lot of doors too, even if they do not always coincide with your preconceptions. You should also know that online marketing is extremely competitive and must provide your website with a professional design. It is the smartest way to tell your guests that you offer a top quality as well. The projecting dynamism and color activity usually have an enormous impact over increasing the traffic volume and the trust among your users. 

With these ideas in mind, every web redesigning process can represent the beginning of a new life over the Internet. But then, do not live with the idea that you can redesign everything at every few weeks or months, since you can also cause confusion among your clients. This is one of the last things you want too.

Author Bio 

Renee Klein is a student from Europe with a passion for blogging. She writes about WordPress and she’s also a passionate web designer. Besides WordPress Renee loves to read, shop, play tennis and indulge her passion for dark chocolate. She maintains a website called Wpdiscounts where she offers discount coupon and reviews on plugins like DirectoryPress.

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