How To Make Sure Your Logo Design Is Amazing Before You Open Up Photoshop

Have you got a great logo on your website, or is it absolutely terrible? If you did it yourself it would probably be a good idea to ask someone else what they think of it, because we are often unable to see the faults in something when we did it ourselves.vAsk someone who doesn’t love you, so not your mom, because they will tell you how nice it looks to spare your feelings. That’s what moms do and it’s lovely, but it’s not exactly going to guarantee you have a kick-ass logo.

The perfect logo may only be a dream, but you have to make sure it’s amazing. Something that everyone will love when they land on your website. If people don’t like it they can be really put off. They will think you are not professional, which in turn means they don’t trust you enough to buy from you. They won’t have a happy feeling when they read your stuff. If someone loves your design, and that includes the logo, they will feel a lot more comfortable on your site. We need to go over some basics about how to design the perfect logo.

Get someone to do it

This first option is going to cost you money, but we might as well get it out of the way straight away. If you can afford it, a great designer can design you an amazing logo. A rubbish designer will make you a terrible one and it will be a complete waste of money. If you want one designed, you have to check someone’s portfolio before you hire them. If you can’t afford a great designer you could just do it yourself until you have a bit more money to pay for it.

Check out the competition

Have a look around your niche and see what kind of logo your competitors are using. They will obviously have tested this before, so you are just sneaking in there and taking advantage of their hard work.

You should not copy what they use, but you can certainly use it for inspiration. You will be able to tell whether it’s simple or more advanced. If it is huge or only small. Once you have a rough idea what people use it can spark inspiration.

Tell them what you’re about

When someone clicks onto a website they actually want to know what it’s about. Sometimes it will be hard to tell just by looking. This is when your logo will come into play. If it can tell someone what the website is about, you will have a much better chance of them sticking around. You can even use a tagline underneath your main title that will share some information about your site. If you do this make sure you still try and keep it as simple as possible. If you include a picture this can also go along way to explaining the site, because you already know it says a thousand words.

Get your pencil and paper out

Before you step onto the computer you should always roughly sketch about 100 ideas on a piece of paper. That might seem like a lot, but when you know it has to be amazing you realize this will take a lot of work. Grab a pack of crayons and you can spend a weekend testing out different things. Look in magazines and websites outside your niche for extra inspiration. Once you think you have something you can now test it out. Ask people at your work what they think. Throw it on a forum and ask them, obviously once you scan it onto the computer.

About the Author: This guest post was written by Patrick from YarraWeb a leading web design company in Melbourne. Patrick contributes to many popular web design blogs regularly.

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