How to Design a Health Site?

Web design follows a set of guideline to create an effective yet appealing website. A web designer must be able to translate a client’s need and wants into something that is relevant to the niche the website will be in.

Let’s take health-related website for example. It may looks like any other sites, but for you to stand out, you must understand the purpose of the site and why visitors want to visit the site – this way you can design accordingly.

One good example of heath site design is this glycemic index site, The site present information about the wellness issues surrounding the glycemic index, as well as offering guides, such as glycemic index food list, and diet plans, such as south beach diet phase 1.

The site is well-laid out with the good overall feel of the site – the sense of “zen” and “wellness” strongly felt visiting the site. The information presented is mainly reviews, but they are informative and full of personal opinions of the site owner – which is good. I’m sure visitors will feel like home visiting the site.

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