How Charity Donations Can Help With SEO

If you are looking for a new way to take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, charitable donations can help you reach an entirely new audience. Aside from the altruistic reasons of giving something back to the community and spreading good will, charitable giving can help propel your business into a new spotlight.

Charity organizations frequently publish the names of companies that contribute to their bottom line. Charities are naturally eager to refer customers to you so that your business stays profitable. Take advantage of this synchronicity by a generous contribution to the charity of your choice. (this is just an example of one creative idea related to Twitter which we used and donated to Charity.)


When you give to charity, it casts a positive light on your company. This gives customers a positive, subtle nudge in your direction which in turn allows you to continue contributing to charity in the future. Both parties – you and the charity – benefit from this cycle. Your charitable gift encourages customers and results in a profitable, successful, and flourishing business.

A successful growth strategy encompasses SEO, social medias, the company website, and a strong internet presence. Finding help with this strategy and discovering new ways to implement it sometimes requires a professional touch. Regarding to this we have an example of giving some of our services for free (for charities and similar) through Random Acts of SEO.

SEO part of the story

A natural outflow of charitable giving is that your company gets buzz from the charity’s press releases and newsletters. The more your company gets mentioned, the easier it is for search engines to notice you. Your own press releases, newsletters, and blogs should mention the gift, too. Be sure that any media release includes a link that invites supporters to your website, and that your company’s information is featured as keywords. This positive message will penetrate the busy market. Intertwine social medias so that their audience can be reached as well.

Ensure that keywords are maximized but not overdone. Blogs, press releases, and other web entries should be included in the campaign preplanning so that everything is timed perfectly. This means that you get more hits in a brief time period, which thrusts your search engine placement upward.

Altruistic Giving

Charities are always in need of funds from businesses. History shows that generous companies are rewarded with a sturdy consumer base. Every charitable gift should be mentioned in all company online resources such as newsletters, social medias such as Facebook, and community news organizations. Always include links to your company so that customers can take advantage of the good buzz.


Your business plan should include charitable contributions in your long-term goals. Don’t limit your altruism to just a one-time gift. Consider giving a smaller monthly amount that can be tweeted or become a regular feature of company blogs or newsletters. This crossover action reaches both the charity’s customers and your own. You can encourage your employees to support the charity, too, by participating in a charity walk, a workday, or other event. Your targeted audience will see your company’s name featured in pictures, blogs, social media, and most important through the links.

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