5 Design Features To Remember For The Person Who Knows Nothing About Design

Most people who start building an online business are not professional designers. Most of them also happen to be poor, or just don’t want to invest money in their business when they’re starting out. Can you see how this could be a problem? In the olden days you could get a website built by someone who knew what they were doing, or you would have to go without. These days it’s all too easy to set your own website up and it means there’s a lot out there where the design is terrible.  

You don’t have to spend thousands on your design if you want to build a business, at least not in the beginning, but you do need to understand a few things about design if you want to succeed. There’s a few websites that become a superstar even though they have a rubbish design, but you could sit and wait for years thinking it’s going to happen to you. Keep these in mind and get them fixed if you’ve messed them up. It’s your future business that’s at stake.  

Choose a good theme  

The difference in price when it comes to themes is minimal, but if you choose the right one it can be so much easier for you to make customized tweaks. The better themes also look thousands of dollars more valuable than the cheap ones. Try to remember that it’s not hard to build a theme. Someone with no clue what they’re doing could have one built overseas and sell it to unsuspecting people. Don’t skimp out when it comes to paying a few hundred dollars for your theme from a professional designer.  

Get a good logo  

This is the crown on the head of your website. Every professional website should have a special logo. When you choose the right theme you only need to upload a file and the logo appears where it should be, so not having a clue about anything isn’t an excuse. You could do it yourself if you know how to use Photoshop, but I’d be willing to bet you could find someone to design one for you even if you had to pay them a little money.  

Cheap looks cheap  

Everyone knows what cheap looks like, or if you don’t know yourself you can ask someone for their honest opinion. You don’t want your website to look cheap because you look like a spammer. Most people in the world are still very cautious about entering their card details on strange websites and it makes them even more scared if you look cheap. It’s not the image of someone who can protect their private details.  

Don’t go crazy  

How many times have you landed on a website and had no idea what they wanted you to do? Every site should have special funnels set up where you lead people down the path to a product. If you just hope someone eventually finds your product and buys it you might make some sales, but you’ll certainly not be buying a tropical island. You should keep your website really simple and the easiest things to spot should be the things that earn you money.  

Understand your audience  

Sometimes when it comes to design you can pick up a lot of great information by listening to your customers. If you don’t want them to know what you’re doing to can split-test specific things and see what design features give you the best results. The only results you’re looking for are the ones that make you the most money. When you don’t learn to split-test it might not cost you much in the beginning, but as you can bigger it could be costing you thousands per month.  

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